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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 12:07

Merry Christmas.

My Christmas wish to all - be kind to yourself.

It seems that everyone goes mad as we approach the Christmas holiday period. We imagine some kind of finish line - situated at about 3pm on Christmas eve and we say to ourselves, "The race is not complete nor the year successful unless I've got it all done before I take a break".

Whew! Too much pressure. Then, to top it all off we overload the pressure scale by proclaiming all sorts of radical change strategies with resolutions at New Year.

My advice is, relax. Take a breath and enjoy contact with friends and relatives. Travel safe and most of all, be kind to yourself!

If you have your heart set on a New Years resolution - make sure it is simple, achievable, measurable and positive. If you are wanting a simple strategy for 2016, consider the benefits of listening and seeking information, more than you make judgements and communicate opinions.

If you're not sure how to get started on this strategy, simply practice asking open questions, you know, the ones that begin with who; what; when and how. For further strategies, please reach out to me via my contact page.

Ho ho ho.


Wayne Marriott


  • Very impressed, well done. Very happy with outcome. 

    - Facilitation

  • Not an easy experience but very worthwhile. Thank you.

    - Restorative Justice

  • My thanks go to both of you for taking on this very unhappy situation and guiding all concerned to agreeing an outcome which will allow us to move forward.

    - Co-mediation

  • It was very practical and helpful. I have used the techniques when dealing with staff.

    - Leadership Coaching

  • We appreciate the hard work you put in to our staff at our factory. We see the positive results regularly.

    - Assisted negotiation

  • I learnt a heck of a lot from Wayne about Mediation and communication and I remain very appreciative.

    - Training

  • Wayne and his team of mediators provide a much needed and high quality service for the evolving employment landscape in New Zealand.

    - Mediation Services

  • "a“Wayne found ways to connect with people who had no faith that their problems or disputes could be aided by Mediation.

    - Process Design